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[XMD]-Field Marshal MightyPaiN
Field Marshal
Posts: 41
Posted on Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:32 am

So we are going to start with the RGL competition tommorow. Many of you know, that the RGL is a groupfighting (melee) competition. This will be the rules for the competition:
Rules RGL:
- A clan fights with a minimum of 8. If a clan brings less then this, the enemy team will balance it to 8.
- All the balance above 8, will be +0 (10 vs 10 or 12 vs 12 or 8 vs .
- Every match is getting a referee. This referee is gonna report the score to me or Serg so we can update it on the website. (minimum of referee is 1 and maximum is 2)
- You will make the rgl matches by the structure of the schedule. SO FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE. You can fight maximal 3 matches a week and the minimum is 1 match a week.
- Every match will be played: Best out of 20
- You will receive 1 point for every round you win. if you win the entire match you will receive a 3 poin
every round you win. if you win the entire match you will receive a 3 points bonus. for example: you win a match with 16-4. you will receive this 16 points + the 3 bonus point of winning a match. In total you will receive 19 points.
- Before the round starts, you need to stay at your own side and wait till the referee asks you are ready. If you said you are ready and the enemy said they were ready as well, the referee says GO. from that moment you are allowed to kill in melee.

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