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[XMD]-Field Marshal MightyPaiN
Field Marshal
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Posted on Tue Apr 12, 2016 6:24 am




XMD is known as an international clan. We welcome members from every country around the world. In return for that we expect all of our members to obey to the following rules:

-= Behavior =-

-We, in this clan, are friends of eachother. Therefor we all respect eachother. Making racist comments, comments about personal beliefs, faith or homophobic comments will NOT be tollerated.

-As said before this clan welcomes all members. Therefor we kindly request you not to put up avatars, descriptions or any other sort of insulting posts. This also means that putting up photos/descriptions about convicted criminals, terrorists or leaders of countries that have been convicted of crimes against humanity or any other sort of violations of the geneva convention is NOT allowed.

-In channels saying ''English only'' you speak English only! During battles you speak English only. Insults are still insults when spoken in an other language. Do not even try it!

-When you are playing for XMD you respect your teammates and superiors. The officers are not to be called ''sir'' but you do have to show respect.

-= Battles =-

  •                                                            -No kicking, punching, jumping, or any other sort of unnecessary movement in line.


  •                                                            -No teamkills!


  •                                                            -Respect your friends and foes, no insults.


  •                                                            -Do as your officer says and nothing but what your officer says.


  •                                                            -Stay in line, do not rambo, it will get you slayed.


  •                                                            -Take the unit your colonel orders you to take.


  •                                                            -No trolling in general.



  •                                                            -You sit down in order of regiment.


  •                                                            -You raise and come foward when you are called up.


  •                                                            -You do not ask for promotions/medals, you earn them.


  •                                                            -No teamkills!


  •                                                            -No trolling.


  •                                                            -Dont forget to use our ingame banner

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