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[XMD]-Website Administrator Maxy22
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Posted on Fri Feb 3, 2017 3:48 am


Once upon a time deep at west america there was a man named Kantos the murderer

They call him murderer not because he kills people but because he give them all his love untill they die

please dont ask questions


kantos was a man not like any man full of dreams and greed he wanted nothing more but to hug people untill they die

it was his dirty little secert

kantos had a horse black one with white hair he named him Moslk 

lets begin the story

sun heat burns in the wild west as kantos apporach the village of redcunt 

dont let me start with why it was named like that it just did

he takes a sip of his water in the wild west water dont come easily like how napoleon once said no water for the talker

and i once saw in national geo that water really are hard to come by 

i think i should stop this story for momment and teach you how water is important

you see there is 2 kinds of water one clean and the other you guessed it dirty

the dirty water are no no thing you dont drink that its gonna kill you 

the clean water however is a no no aswell 

lets contuine the story 

as the heat increese kantos blacked out by a sun strike you see sun strikes are really rare but they happen anyway

i saw once national geo about a man who had 2 sun strikes in same time so he started danceing left and right up and down

he jumped and jumped and jumped again untill he died and vanished in vain

sorry lets contuine 

as he blacked out  his horse carried him to redcunt a man saw him from a far and runned to him

"oh christ not again with this"

it happen often to him you see people just dream about going west and they dont even know how hot its there so they all black out in thier horse

and jamel carrys them to redcunt

you wake up he grap his water bottle it was a fine bottle made of iron wood and carved to make pretty shapes of little hearts you ask me what is iron wood

let me tell you, its wood that so strong they call it iron wood i mean use ur brain for once


kantos runs heavy braething 6 wolfs chasing him and he fell in the forest the hungry wolfs started eating him and boom he wake up

it was a freakin dream get it 

he find him self laying in hospital bed as jamel looking at him with blond nurse beside him, her hair wasnt really blond it was her nickname

the blond nurse you see in wild west few people living there so its often to hear about 

nicknames of pepole, the culture just like to give nicknames insted of using thier real names

as i once saw in national geo brain loves to label things and orgnaize them brain are really complicated things u see

kantos look weridly to jamel the ugly 

you ask me why they call him ugly, because he is fucking ugly you dump fuck

kantos mummer something as jamel try to reach him

he was saying my bottle where is my bottle

jamel reach him and say please rest the sun strike was severe 

kantos got angry and tried to leave the bed as he scream WHERE IS MY BOTTLE YOU STEALING LITTLE CUNT

and one to the head 2 to the kidney boom bam 2 fingers to the eye 

the nurse started screaming, he grapped her by her hair WHERE IS MY BOTTLE as he hug so hard she died

people left the hospital screaming and called the marshal of the town

i got tired lets contuine later

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