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In Case you didnt know we are making a system to keep track of active players on our clan, so please if you are a member of XMD its your duty to post Here every week to register your self in the active players list.

There will be a rewards for the active players such as medals, fast ranking, and of course admin powers, posting at least a day in whole week will be enough, and will give you the previousily mentioned rewards.



.: The Medals Preview :.


Active for a week




Active for a month




 Active for a 3 months




More Medals >>


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hi and hello everyone, how you doing hope you alright

So i've been working on new rank pictures for our clan

and i think its now very much in Beta state, so lets change it together into something better.

Click Here


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                                                                                        Hello everyone, guess what


                                                                                        i made new medals

                                                                                        oh cool can i see them 

                                                                                        money first 


                                                                                        haha just joking 


                                                                                        here look



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I've managed to bring our old and good domain back, and the new address of our site is now ! The old address, will of course still work. 

The addresses of our TS3 servers remain unchanged:





XMD Forever!


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I've released a new Mount&Blade Star Wars Mod, check it out and may the force be with you!


Star Wars Mod

Download it here:

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