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# The GF tournament will be on Saturday(the 7th October) at 20:00 Moscow Time.Server name and pass will be given you in an hour before the start. #
---- > Rules of the gf tournament: < ----
1. Any player, which will come to the server on the appointed date and time, without registration can take part in the tournament.
2. Format of the tournament:
2.1 At the beginning of the tournament, all participants will be moved to the spectators, from there you must enter the teams using the "random command selection" button. If people will be  noticed in choosing teams, then I will have to move you into random teams, which will take a lot of time. So, the choice is yours.
2.2. After playing gf ft5, the winning side can continue, the loser leaves the tournament. The winning side divides again  randomly and plays ft5 and so it continues until there will be 2 players who will play a duel for the title of the winner of the tournament.
2.3. You understand, you need a number of participants equal to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. Therefore, after the first round for balance, the top of losing team may also remain. (For example, at the tournament came 30 people, so from the losing team will be 1 person in the top, for further balance)
3. The rules of the gf tournament are standard, that is not to shoot, we start to go to rush on command, etc.
4. I wish everyone not to die with the sideblocks)

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<p><strong>Lads,As You Know We Have ClanWar On 8th October,2017 19:00 Europe Time </strong></p>
<p><span style="text-decoration: underline; font-size: x-large;"><strong>XMD+PG+Random=WARRIOR+14TH+Random</strong></span></p>
<p><strong>TODAY WE HAVE TRAINING AT 19:00 Moscow Time All Have To Come!</strong></p>

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Dear members, I will organize an election for a new Field Marshal of XMD soon due the inactivity of our current Marshal. I'm sure you all know the duties and responsibilities of our 2nd highest rank, so there is no need to explain it.

The elections will begin 16.09.2017 at 12:00 (GMT)

Update: The time to sign up as a candidate has extended and the election will begin 17.09.2017 at 11:00!

Until then, you can sign up for the elections by commenting below this post and explaining us why you would like to candidate and how you will make XMD more active.

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In Case you didnt know we are making a system to keep track of active players on our clan, so please if you are a member of XMD its your duty to post Here every week to register your self in the active players list.

There will be a rewards for the active players such as medals, fast ranking, and of course admin powers, posting at least a day in whole week will be enough, and will give you the previousily mentioned rewards.



.: The Medals Preview :.


Active for a week




Active for a month




 Active for a 3 months




More Medals >>


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hi and hello everyone, how you doing hope you alright

So i've been working on new rank pictures for our clan

and i think its now very much in Beta state, so lets change it together into something better.

Click Here


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