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Medal: Description:
Cavalry Destroyer
No cav can kill you. You ambush them, trick them and muder them. Anti-Cav soldier first class.

Melee Sensei
You nailed it in charge. You were a good melee fighter this battle, kill several enemies, don't get stabbed to often and don't die!

Epic Headshot
Did you really? Across the map? AIMBOT!

Awarded for Donating money to XMD.

Active for 3 months
signed as active member for 3 months period of time.

Active for a month
signed as active member for a month period.

Active for a week
signed as active member for a week period.

Cavalry Master Medal
It's one of the medals that does not require much explanation, you were born in the saddle with sword in hand. You're so good at riding horses and fencing that you cut your enemies as firewoods.

Medal Battle Brother
Awarded for fighting as a team soldier and not leaving your brothers alone.

Medal Reseye
Awarded to XMD' best skirmishers.

Medal Totenkopf
Show Exceptional Melee Skills During Events

Order of Merit
Given for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.

Medal Reskull
Awarded to respect leaders of XMD

Recruiter Medal
Recruited many members to XMD

King Of The Field
Awarded for killing remaining enemy soldiers alone.

Medal Of Valour
The Highest Bravery Award

Medal of Honor for Acts of Courage and Devotion
Awarded to The loyal Honorable Members of XMD

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