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The Last Battle of 2017
On December 10th 2017 18:00 Paris Time there will be The Last Battle of 2017! [Empire] Coalition Clans of [Prussia]: [Warrior], 14A, Ru-Emp, 77thChernomorsk, Mangust and XMD and maybe more VS Russian Clans of [United Kingdom] : ELITA_PIRATKI, Litosvk, Pavlosk, 42nd, 23rd, PG, Fr-Emp, 3GK, and maybe more!
Be prepared for battle and start entering the server 10 minutes before the battle starts!
The battle is a basic large line battle with line infantry, foot guards, only 1 riflemen allowed for each clan (per line of line infantry or foot guards), with 3 sappers max (Warrior has trained sappers we will take this job), 10 heavy cavalrymen max, 1 general (Slavomir). Each clan colonel/line leader needs to be connected to a discord voice channel to be able to receive a order when needed. Basically the colonel/line leader will lead his men in his app ex: discord, raidcall, teamspeak, and at the same time be connected from a different device in a empty discord voice channel. The general aka Slavomir will move from voice to voice to request attack, assistance/help, etc.
XMD is to take Prussian Heavy Cavalry
The rest will be decided!
For The Empire

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