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On Sunday October 22nd 2017 time : 19:00 Paris time there will be the Third Grand Battle!
Players are to greatly outnumber the clans thus challenging the clans to defeat a larger enemy. Often, smaller clans will need to fight with the players. Players are to be gathered 30 min before the Grand Battle begins on a siege server.
Players are allowed to take only Line Infantry and Foot Guards (Foot Guards only for clans fighting along with the players).
Clans can take everything with limits of 20 Cavalry, 10 Sharpshooters, 5 Artillery, and an infinite amount of Foot Guards.
Rules for Everyone
Detachments (Lines of Inf, Groups of Cav) need to have at least 9 people in each (officer included 8 rankers 1 officer).
No one man army aka rambo! Unless your detachment has lesser than 5 men alive then go Rambo.
Line Inf + Foot Guards must keep linear formation at all times unless fighting bayonets after which linear formation is to be restored, Cav must stay in groups, Sharpshooters must stay in groups.
Each team can have one general unit (use it as a scout unit) ex Napoleon, the General can wander around alone.
Violating rules will result in almost immediate response by being slayed by the admins in spectator.
Rules are really basic and are somewhat of Real People Commander Battle aka RPCB.
Enjoy the massive 100+ people battles!
To War!!!

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